Error: the license file was tampered with


You get the error message "The license file was tampered with" when you start/activate FS Pro 2013.


You can get this error message

  • when you reinstall FS Pro 2013, or
  • when FS Pro detects that the local license file has been used before, or
  • when FS Pro detects that the local license file was moved or copied.


To resolve this issue, proceed as follows:




In the screen with the "license file was tampered with" error

  • enter this tamper-reset key: jDDsI-KEqGz-jE4Ip-4tQ8t-zQDik-6A9kp
  • click Apply Key.

Result: The "tampered" error message should disappear. 


After the above, there is a chance that you can continue using your existing license key. Please exit Word then re-enter Word and see if it is activated OK.

If not, then Contact and provide your current license key.

Result: Your current license key will be locked and you will receive a new license key with which to re-activate FS Pro 2013. 

NOTE: do not enter your current license key in the screen with the "tampered" error message, as this will not work to clear the error. 

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