How do I get my certificate of attendance?


After taking an Information Mapping® classroom training, you can request
your certificate of attendance online from the Information Mapping website.


Proceed as follows to request your certificate:




Go to


Do you have an existing account on the Information Mapping® website?

  • If yes, enter your email address and password and click on Login
  • If no,
    • Click on Create an Account, and
    • Enter your personal and address information and click on Submit.


Navigate to the form to request your Certificate of Attendance by

  • going to the Mappers Area and clicking on Request your Certificate of Attendance, or
  • clicking on Training & Certification and then on Request your Certificate of Attendance.


Complete the form to request your certificate.

Result: An email is sent to your instructor, asking him or her to approve your

If the instructor ...

Then you will receive an email…

approves your request

  • with the certificate of attendance attached, and
  • you will be able to re-download your certificate on after logging in and clicking on Training & Certification > My Certificate of Attendance.

disapproves your request

notifying you of the disapproval.


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