How do I publish a document?

Publishing a document that has been created according to the Information Mapping Methodology and by means of FS Pro for Word, happens in only 2 clicks! 

You don't have to learn HTML or CSS. You don't even have to call ICT for help!

Just follow the steps below to transform your document into an online publication:




1 Save your document

Click on the 'Publish' feature in the FS Pro ribbon.


  • Give your publication a name
  • Choose the appropriate template
    • Standard Publishing Layout
    • Premium Publishing Layout (only available for the 'Business license')
  • Protect your publication with a password (optional)


4 Click on 'Publish'. Your document will be published within a few seconds.


To the FS Pro Cloud or the Publication

When your document has been successfully published, you can:

  • go to the FS Pro Cloud, where your publication has been saved
  • view your publication immediately

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