What is the FS Pro Cloud?

The FS Pro Cloud

  • is the place where every user can find and manage their online publications created with FS Pro for Word (unless blocked by the company), and
  • runs on an AWS server managed by Information Mapping.

You can access the FS Pro Cloud by using this link: https://fspro-cloud.informationmapping.com/#/ 

Number of publications

The number of publications you can create and save in the FS Pro Cloud, depends on the type of FS Pro license you have: 

Type of FS Pro License

Number of Publications that can be Saved

 FS Pro Standard


Note: When removing a publication, you can create and save another one.

 FS Pro Business 


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Local hosting

Organizations can choose to have the FS Pro Cloud environment installed on their own premises. That way, employees save their publications within the company’s environment and all security measurements can stay in place.

Note: This is a paid option that requires custom development. Contact us for more information. 

What is required for the FS Pro Cloud Server to run locally?

A server machine with Linux and Docker on it and the ability to connect via SSH to setup the system. The environment will be configured inside of Docker.

Hardware requirements for local hosting

Depending on the number and sizes of files, the number of devices that will connect, … the requirements can vary (be less or higher)

However, in the cloud as on prem (vmware), systems can be scaled up if necessary.

The cloud runs stable on an AWS t3.xlarge (vCPUs 4, Memory 16 GB) environment or equivalent:

More info about what CPU’s that are used: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/t3/

With a 200GB SSD Harddisk (Volume type gp2, IOPS 600) or equivalent:

More info about the Harddisk:



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