Known Issues


There are a few known issues in FS Pro 2013. For some issues there is a workaround in place until the issue is fixed permanently in an update.

Overview of known issues and workarounds

The table below lists the known issues and their workarounds (if any).



  • I have issues converting an old document to FS Pro 2013.
  • Word crashes when inserting a Map in a document. 

In Word, choose File > Options > Save, and make sure documents are saved as Word documents (.docx)

Rationale: FS Pro 2013 works best with .docx files, some functionality may not work properly on .doc files. This is especially important for document conversion.

Further, make sure you are not working in Compatibility Mode in Word, as that may also limit FS Pro's functionality. 

The FS Pro 2013 menu does not appear in the Word menu/ribbon.

See our Knowledge Base article I don't see the FS Pro 2013 menu. Do not un-install/re-install FS Pro for this issue.

When you apply Title Numbering to Maps and/or Blocks, the continued Map title or Block label does not repeat the numbering of the original Map Title or block label. 


In a Numbered List the numbering restarts in every Block (because of the Block lines in between) it also restarts in the second part of a continued Block.


Remove Continue Page or Remove All Continues fails.

One reason this may happen is that two or more Continued Blocks are not identically left-aligned in the document. Fix the left-alignment of the Continued Blocks to alleviate this issue.

FS Pro does not always start from the Start menu or desktop icon.

Start Microsoft Word first and then attach FS Pro to your document. 

Keyboard shortcuts may not work in FS Pro with CAPS Lock on

Turn CAPS Lock off during making of FS Pro documents
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