How do I activate FS Pro 2013 using a proxy server?

Before you begin

The FS Pro 2013 license must be activated on a computer with an active internet connection.

Installation per user

FS Pro 2013 is installed on a per-user basis. You need to be logged in as the user and have admin rights to complete the installation and activation process. 


Follow the steps in the table below to activate FS Pro 2013 when you are using a proxy server.




Start FS Pro 2013 or attach it to your document in Assisted Mode or Expert Mode.

Result: the window Activation of FS Pro 2013 appears. 


  • Select the I have a License Key and I want to activate FS Pro 2013 radio button, and
  • click Next.

Result: The How do you want to activate the product? screen appears.


  • Select the Online Activation radio button, and
  • click Next.

Result: The Please enter the activation data screen appears.


  • Complete the required fields, and
  • click Next.

Result: The Online Activation screen appears.


Click the link Change Proxy Settings (only for expert users)


If you use

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, check Use settings from Internet Explorer.
  • another Web Browser or you want to enter the Proxy Server data manually, enter the address of your Proxy Server (IP address or server name) and your Proxy Port (mostly 80 or 8080).


Click Next.

Result: FS Pro is activated successfully.

Tip: If you get Internal Error 3001 when activating FS Pro 2013, your proxy server settings are incorrect.

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