How do I install and activate FS Pro 2013 silently?


An unattended or silent installation is an installation that

  • does not require user intervention, and
  • does not display the progress of the installation.

Before you begin

Before installing FS Pro 2013, make sure that the following components are already installed:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Installation per user

FS Pro 2013 is installed on a per-user basis. You need to be logged in as the user and have admin rights to complete the installation and activation process. 

Procedure for silent installation

Proceed as follows to install FS Pro 2013 silently:




Download the FS Pro 2013 MSI package from this reference location, and extract the .msi from the zip file:

Reference: Where do I download FS Pro 2013?


Create a batch file containing the command below ... but update the "...v5099" part of the .msi filename in this command to match the name of the downloaded .msi from step 1 above (it is the FS Pro release/update #):

c:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe /i FSPro2013-v5099.msi /qn /l* FSPro-silent.log


Put both the downloaded MSI file and the batch file in the same folder


Run the .bat file by double-clicking it.

Result: FS Pro is installed silently.

Procedure for silent activation

To activate FS Pro silently:




Create a file called FSProKey.txt with the FS Pro 2013 license key, and put it in the same folder as FSPro2013.msi.


Run FS Pro2013.msi.

Result: Installation will commence, but the activation portion will run automatically in the background.


When the installation is complete, FS Pro 2013 will be ready for use.

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