Style Manager: Add a custom style to your style set


When you create a new style set in FS Pro's Style Manager, you are not restricted to using only the default FS Pro styles. You can also add your own custom styles to the style set. For example, if your company consistently uses a style called "warning" in the documentation, you can add that custom style to your style set and use it in your document.

Warning: You can only use new styles within an FS Pro Block. You cannot add new heading styles in FS Pro.

How to add a new style to your custom style set

To add a new style to your custom style set, proceed as follows:




In FS Pro 2013, click the Style Manager button.

Result: the Style Manager window appears.


Select your custom style set and click Edit.

Result: the Style Detail window appears.


Click the New button.

Result: the New Style window appears.


Enter the name of your custom style and click OK.

Result: the new style is added to the bottom of the style list in the Style Detail window. 


Select the new style and edit its properties in the Style Detail window.


Click Save to close the Style Detail window.


Click Close to close to Style Manager window.


Restart Word for the new style to appear in the style list


Select your custom style set, put your cursor in an FS Pro Block and select your custom style from the style list to apply it.

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