5. What's next?


Using a sample document, you have

  • learned the basic fundamentals of FS Pro 2013, and
  • have been introduced to a number of key concepts of the Information Mapping® method.

However, in order to take full advantage of both FS Pro and the method, you will
need to dive deeper into both.

FS Pro Resources

To learn more about FS Pro 2013, we recommend that you view the FS Pro 2013 video tutorial, available on http://www.informationmapping.com/fspro2013-tutorial/

There you will discover additional features of FS Pro, such as

  • changing the look and feel of your documents
  • continuing Maps, Blocks, and tables
  • publishing your web page to HTML and XML, and
  • creating reusable Maps, Blocks, and tables.

Information Mapping Training

In an Information Mapping training, you will learn how to create clear, user-focused documents. The training provides you with the skills needed to improve your writing, and answers important questions such as

  • Which research-based principles should you apply to your writing?
  • What are information types, and which key and supporting Blocks should you use for each?
  • Which are the stages in the document development process?, and
  • Should you write top-down or bottom-up?

Training Options

You can learn the Information Mapping method by means of

  • classroom training
  • instructor-led e-learning, or
  • self-paced e-learning
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