How do I install and activate FS Pro 4.x silently?


Warning: The FS Pro 4.x products are no longer sold or supported. Do not use this information unless you currently have one of the 4.x products and have not yet upgraded to a newer/supported product such as FS Pro 2013.

The procedure below applies to

  • FS Pro 4.0
  • FS Pro 4.1
  • FS Pro 4.2, and
  • FS Pro 4.3

Tip: These 4 versions of FS Pro are referred to as FS Pro 4.x.

Definition: silent installation

An unattended or silent installation is an installation that

  • does not require user intervention, and
  • does not display the progress of the installation.

Procedure for silent installation

Proceed as follows to install FS Pro 4.x silently:




Push the .NET Framework V2.0 or higher out before FS Pro to make sure it is there first. 


Run the FS Pro installer with the /VERYSILENT switch [FSPro4.x.exe /VERYSILENT].

Procedure for silent activation

To avoid a manual activation of FS Pro after the silent install, proceed as follows:




Before the silent install, create a .txt file named license.txt. This file should include only the 18-digit license key with no dashes.


Depending on your configuration, create a folder named

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 4.x\ (for Window 64-bit and Office 32-bit), or
  • C:\Program Files\Information Mapping\FS Pro 4.x\ (for any other configuration).

Note: Replace the x in FS Pro 4.x by the version of FS Pro you want to install.


Place the license.txt file in that folder before installing FS Pro. If done correctly the FS Pro installer will recognize that file and attempt to use that file to activate FS Pro silently.

Tip: if the procedure above is not successful, then add the file called ProxySettings.txt to the FS Pro 4.x folder as well. This file can be found in the program files of a computer on which you have already activated FS Pro using the proxy settings. Just copy that file and use it in the package for all other machines.

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