Error: The license is invalid as settings of the Computer/Server have changed. The error code is 1024


You need to activate FS Pro 2013 every time you start it and you get the following error message: 

The license is invalid as settings of the Computer/Server have changed. You may try to automatically resolve the problem. Click on the button: Activate again.

If the problem still exists or there is no internet connection, please contact The error code is: 1024


The error code 1024 indicates a copy protection violation. It occurs when the license is used on another machine than the licensed machine. Possible causes could be:

  • FS Pro is started on the server AND on a workstation. It only works if the server is used as a dedicated server.
  • The network card is disabled or the machine is offline and multiple network cards are installed.
  • You have upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.


Proceed as follows to resolve this issue:




Submit a support request and don't forget to provide your license key.

Result: You will receive an unlock key from Information Mapping Support.


Start FS Pro 2013, click Activate again and proceed with the normal activation (as follows).


Back in the FS Pro 2013 ribbon/menu, click the arrow to the right of Help and select License Viewer.

Result: The License Viewer window appears.


Click the License Viewer button.

Result: Another License viewer (details) window appears.


Click the button Activation key.

Result: The dialog box Enter Activation key appears.


Enter the unlock key you received and click OK. (Then Close & OK out of any other dialogs, as needed.)


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