How do I activate FS Pro 2013 via e-mail?


If your firewall or proxy server settings block the automatic (online) activation process, use the option to activate FS Pro 2013 by e-mail.

One of the symptoms is that you may get the error: "This is an unknown error."

Installation/activation per user

FS Pro 2013 is installed/activated on a per-user basis.

To install the software: You must be logged in as a user with admin rights.

To activate the license key: You must be logged in as the FS Pro end user ... but you do not need to have admin rights to do the activation. 


Follow the steps in the table below to activate a license by e-mail.




Start FS Pro 2013 or attach it to your document in Assisted Mode or Expert Mode.

Result: the window Activation of FS Pro 2013 appears. 


  • Select the I have a License Key and I want to activate FS Pro 2013 radio button, and
  • click Next.

Result: The How do you want to activate the product? screen appears.


  • Select the E-Mail Activation radio button, and
  • click Next.

Result: The Please enter the activation data screen appears.


  • Complete the required fields, and
  • click Next.

Result: The Activation is in process screen appears.


Does your e-mail application open with an automatically created e-mail addressed to

  • If yes, skip to Step 7.
  • If no, continue to Step 6.


  • Start your e-mail application
  • open a new e-mail
  • address the e-mail to
  • manually add a subject in the Subject: field, and
  • copy the content that was automatically pasted to your clipboard to the body of the e-mail.


In your e-mail application, click Send.


On the FS Pro activation screen, click End.

Result: You will get an unlock key.

NOTE: This is different from your license key.


Once you receive the unlock key

  • open Microsoft Word, and
  • attach FS Pro to the Word document.

Result: The Apply Unlock Key screen appears.


  • Cut & paste the unlock key in the Apply Key field, and
  • click Apply Key and then click Next.
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