How can I access my eLearning courses or eBooks?

You have just purchased an eLearning course or eBook

After placing an order from the Information Mapping Web Store, you will receive an order confirmation email that contains a link to the Student Manager.

The Student Manager is an online application where you can enroll yourself or other people in eLearning courses or allow them to access eBooks.

The Student Manager will give you access to the IM Academy. This is our online learning platform where you can access your eLearning courses, eBooks and IM exams.

Proceed as follows:




Click the link in your order confirmation email to enroll all students.

Result: The Student Manager opens in your browser.


Enter the name(s) and email address(es) of the people you want to grant access to the eLearning courses or eBooks.


Click the Enroll button.

Result: Students will automatically be notified by email and will receive instructions on how to access the eLearning courses or eBooks in the IM Academy.

You already have access and want to log in again

To log in to the IM Academy, proceed as follows:




Go to 


Log in with your email address and password.

Result: You will see the courses and eBooks you have access to in the Information Mapping Academy. 

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