End of life policy (FS Pro 2013)


FS Pro 2013 users receive automatic updates regularly that improve and enhance the software. However, the evolution in operating systems and software (Microsoft Word) defines the lifecycle of FS Pro.

This topic provides advanced notice of the End of Life date for specific FS Pro versions.

General policy

  • When a version of FS Pro reaches End of Life (EOL), it means that the version is considered obsolete and will no longer receive support from Information Mapping's support team.
  • Automatic software updates are not provided on models which have passed their EOL date.
  • Information Mapping will provide advanced notice of a version's EOL Date on this page at least 6 months in advance, giving our customers time to make purchase decisions.
  • EOL dates will never be sooner than listed.
  • The End of Sale date is controlled by the Information Mapping partner and has no relation to a version's EOL date. Therefore, it will not be shown in the table.

Product overview

The table below gives an overview of the end of life of the different FS Pro versions:

Product End of Life Recommended alternative
FS Pro 4.0 January 1, 2015 FS Pro 2020
FS Pro 4.1 January 1, 2015 FS Pro 2020
FS Pro 4.2 January 1, 2015 FS Pro 2020
FS Pro 4.3 January 1, 2016 FS Pro 2020
FS Pro 2013 February 1, 2019 FS Pro 2020
FS Pro 2020 2 years after the next version is released  


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