How does the License Manager work?


Licenses are provided on a per user-basis: every user who writes with FS Pro, needs his/her own FS Pro license.

FS Pro does not use a concurrent user model.

How does it work?

FS Pro for Word will check on the License Manager if a license has been attributed to you. If so, you will be able to use the software. This avoids an explicit activation process. 


Working with a License Manager provides a number of advantages for large corporations:

  • No communication to an external server required for activation
  • Administrators can manage licenses themselves in the interface: They can 
    • see who has been granted an FS Pro license within the organization
    • grant a license to a user upfront
    • block a user so he cannot use FS Pro anymore, and
    • remove a user in case a computer crashes
  • Users don't need to remember a username or password to work with FS Pro for Word
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