How does the License Manager work?


The FS Pro License Manager is a web application that

  • runs on your company's internal server, and
  • provides FS Pro licenses to employees as long as licenses are available. 

Licenses: per user

Licenses are provided on a per user-basis, so every user who writes with FS Pro will need his/her own FS Pro license. FS Pro does not use a concurrent user model.

How does it work?

There is no explicit activation process anymore when you work with the License Manager. Instead, your FS Pro will check on the License Manager if a license is still available for you. 

The table below shows the licensing process:




The user

  • starts FS Pro by attaching it to a document, or
  • an existing document that has FS Pro attached.


FS Pro connects to the License Manager to request a license for this user.



Then the user...

  • FS Pro can connect to License Manager
  • Licenses are still available or the user already had an FS Pro license, and
  • the license has not expired yet

can start using FS Pro.

  • FS Pro cannot connect to License Manager
  • No more licenses are available
  • The user is in the Blocked Users list on the License Manager, or
  • the license has expired

will see the appropriate error message and will not be able to use FS Pro until the issue has been fixed. 


Working with a License Manager provides a number of advantages for large corporations:

  • No communication to an external server required for activation
  • Administrators can manage licenses themselves in the administrator interface. They can 
    • see who has been been granted an FS Pro license within the organization
    • grant a license to a user upfront
    • block a user so he cannot use FS Pro anymore, and
    • Remove a user in case a computer crashes.
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