Tips when converting an existing FS Pro document

About the conversion process

FS Pro 2013 uses a different content model for FS Pro documents than previous versions of FS Pro. The most important change is that all tables must be put inside the block gridlines in FS Pro 2013. In previous versions of FS Pro you could choose to put tables outside of a Block as well.

Warning: An FS Pro 2013 document must be in the .docx format (Word Document format as of Word 2007) not the older .doc format (see below).

Warning: After converting a document to FS Pro 2013 do not edit it with FS Pro 4.x any longer, doing so can corrupt the document.

There are also a few new styles in FS Pro 2013

  • Numbered List 1
  • Numbered List 2
  • Numbered List 3

A few styles have been removed in FS Pro 2013. Other existing styles can be used instead:

Obsolete FS Pro 4.x style

FS Pro 2013 style to be used

Embedded text

Table Text

Continued on next page

Block line

Continued table label

Block label, continued


Tips before you convert your document

Take into account the following tips before you convert your document. They will help you to make the conversion process as smooth as possible:

  • Before converting, if the document has the .doc file format, save it as a .docx document first. An FS Pro 2013 document must be in the newer .docx format (as of Word 2007) in order for all FS Pro 2013 features to be usable.
  • Make sure editing is enabled for the document (it cannot be read-only).
  • If the document is opened in Compatibility Mode,

    go to File > Info, and click the Convert button to enable all Word features.
  • Turn off Word's Track Changes features before conversion.
  • Create an FS Pro 2013 Custom Style Set with your style preferences in the Style Manager. Set your Custom Style Set as the one to use for new documents, this will ensure that your styles are applied to the newly converted document.
  • If your original document does not contain the proper FS Pro styles and structure (e.g. no proper styles for Map titles and Block labels, Blocks pasted against each other without Block lines in between, etc), the conversion process may fail. Check and fix your original document's structure before you begin!
  • Give Word and FS Pro enough time to convert the document: depending on its size and the number of images, the time required to convert a document may vary and take several minutes for very large documents. Wait until you see the message that the document has been successfully converted before continuing to work in Word. 



When you open an FS Pro 4.x document, FS Pro 2013 will prompt you to convert the document:

During the conversion, FS Pro 2013 will update the styles in the document, move tables inside the Block gridlines, and perform a few other functions in the background.

Tip: You must convert an old FS Pro 4.x document in order to work with it in FS Pro 2013. If you choose No, FS Pro 2013 will not be attached to the document (and it will continue to be a 4.x document).

Warning: After converting a document to FS Pro 2013 do not edit it with FS Pro 4.x any longer, doing so can corrupt the document.

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