License Manager error messages

Intended audience

This topic is intended for system administrators.

Administrator Interface

The table below gives an overview of the error messages that can appear in the administrator interface of the FS Pro License Manager:

Error message


Invalid format of License file

The license file does not have the correct .xml format.

License file is empty

The license file (default: License.xml) does not contain any content. 

License file is not present
  • The license file 
    • is not present in the configured directory (default: C:\Temp)
    • does not have the same name as configured (default: License.xml), or
  • The configured directory is not present.

Please check the web.config in the license server root directory. 

License file location is not configured

You need to configure the directory of the license file in web.config in the license server root directory

License has expired

Your FS Pro license has expired. Please contact Information Mapping to extend your license. 

License signature is invalid

The license file is signed and the signature is no longer valid. Please contact Information Mapping. 

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