Working offline (disconnected from the License Manager)


Users always need to connect to the License Manager to obtain a license for their FS Pro. In the workplace, they will be connected to the License Manager, and can continue to work with FS Pro until the license on the server expires.

Users that want to work offline, i.e. when not connected to the License Manager, must be granted permission to work offline by the administrator.

Working offline

This is how a user can work offline:




The user connects to the License Manager.

Result: The User ID and system information are added to the Licensed Users page.


The administrator checks the check box Offline next to the user's information.


The user restarts FS Pro while still being connected to the License Manager.

Result: He can work offline (i.e. disconnected from the License Manager) for 2 weeks.

How does this work?

A file called session.dat is put in the local user profile, when the user

  • is first marked as an offline user on the License Manager, and
  • has then reconnected to the server.

This file is found at the following locations:

  • FS Pro 2013: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\Data
  • FS Pro 2020: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6\Data

FS Pro will connect to that file instead of to the License Manager for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the user will have to reconnect to the License Manager to renew the session.dat file.

How to remove the offline session?

When the user is blocked on the License Manager, and the offline session has expired, you may want to remove the session.dat file. The user can do that by choosing Help > Transfer License in FS Pro 2013. 

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