Attaching FS Pro to an existing document


To start FS Pro in an existing document, you must attach FS Pro to the document.

When to use

You will know that you need to attach FS Pro 2013 if

  • the icons and menu options on the FS Pro 2013 ribbon are not available for use, or
  • you are automatically prompted to update a document created in an older version of FS Pro to FS Pro 2013.

Documents with earlier versions of FS Pro

For those documents that already have an earlier version of FS Pro attached to them, an FS Pro dialog box appears when they open the document in Word that indicates the document was saved in an older version of FS Pro and the user is prompted to convert it to FS Pro 2013.

If the user wants to convert it to FS Pro 2013, click the Yes button.

Result: The document is converted to FS Pro 2013 in Assisted Mode.


To attach FS Pro 2013 to an existing Word document, select the appropriate mode, either Expert Mode or Assisted Mode, from the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu.

Result: The applicable FS Pro 2013 ribbon displays with its corresponding icons and menu options.

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