Removing FS Pro 2013 from a document


The Remove FS Pro 2013 function removes FS Pro from an existing FS Pro document. The existing Mapped content remains the same however the FS Pro features are no longer available to add new Mapped content.

When to use

You may need to remove FS Pro if you are putting your final document into a content management system or some other type of product that is conflicting with FS Pro.

Example: You get an error message when converting an FS Pro document to PDF. If you remove FS Pro and still get an error during conversion, you know the error is due to a problem with the PDF tool.


To remove FS Pro from a Word document

  • open the FS Pro document in Word, and
  • select Remove FS Pro 2013 from the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu of the Start ribbon group. 

Result: The icons and menu options on the FS Pro ribbon are no longer available to add new Mapped content.

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