Using the key combinations/keyboard shortcuts


You can use many of the FS Pro functions by pressing key combinations (keyboard shortcuts).

Key combinations

The table below lists the FS Pro functions which have key combinations.


Key Combination

Map Elements

Overview Map, including

  • New Publication 
  • New Part 
  • New Chapter, and 
  • New Section

New Map


New Block


Block Line


Continue Functions

Continue Page


Continue All


Paragraph Styles

Block Label


Block Text


Bullet Text 1


Bullet Text 2


Bullet Text 3


Number List 1


Number List 2


Number List 3


Note Text


Table Header Text


Table Text


Part Title


Chapter Title


Section Title


Map Title




Promote and Demote Functions


[Ctrl]+[Alt]+ [left arrow key]


[Ctrl]+[Alt]+ [right arrow key]


Step/Action Table


Part/Function Table


Stage/Description Table


Topic/See Page Table


If/Then Table


When/Then Table


Insert Row


Delete Row


2-Column Table


3-Column Table


4-Column Table


4-Column, Oversized Table


Update Functions

Update Table of Contents


Update Topic/See Page Table


Update all Topic/See Page Tables


Delete Functions

Delete Map


Delete Block


Delete Table



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