Switching between modes in FS Pro


FS Pro consists of two modes: the Assisted Mode for novice users and the Expert Mode for more experienced users. Both have the same features and functions, however, the two modes have a few option and icon variations under the Information Mapping and Present ribbon groups. Which mode you use is up to you, but you can switch from one to the other without any difficulty.

Determining which mode you are in

To determine which mode you are currently in, expand the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu. If FS Pro is attached to the document you are in, the mode you are using will be grayed out.

Example: The example below shows that the user is in Assisted Mode as it is grayed out.


To switch from one mode of FS Pro to another, select the other mode from the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu.

Example: As indicated in the screen shot above, the user is in Assisted Mode because it is grayed out. To switch to Expert Mode, simply select Expert Mode from the drop-down menu options.

Result: The options and icons on the FS Pro ribbon change to the corresponding mode and the mode you are in is grayed out when the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu is expanded.

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