About the Template Manager


The Template Manager

  • has a collection of business document templates in FS Pro, with each template consisting of suggested Map titles, Block labels, Block content, and stem (introductory) sentences for tables, and 
  • allows you to easily add your own FS Pro documents to create custom templates for quick and easy reuse. 

You can insert a document template into a Word document to jump-start your writing.

Document templates

Below are the standard document templates located on the Standard tab of the Template Manager dialog box.

  • Agenda 
  • Announcement 
  • Briefing 
  • Business Case 
  • Documentation Plan 
  • Feasibility Report 
  • Job Aid 
  • Meeting Minutes 
  • Memo 
  • Policy 
  • Problem Analysis 
  • Project Plan 
  • Proposal 
  • Request For Information 
  • Request For Proposal 
  • Request For Quotation 
  • Request for Review 
  • Sales Report 
  • Status Report 
  • Task Assignment 
  • Trip Report 
  • Verification of Agreement 

Note: The Template Manager also allows you to add your own custom templates.

Document template examples

Information Mapping provides examples of the Template Manager documents in the Business Communications Handbook. To purchase a copy, please visit the Web Store on www.informationmapping.com.

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