Adding a Custom Template


In addition to the collection of business document templates provided in the Template Manager, you can also easily add your own FS Pro documents to create custom templates for quick and easy reuse.

You can use custom document templates in Word documents to jump-start your writing and create consistency.

Before you begin

Before you begin, use FS Pro to create the document you want to add as a custom template in the Template Manager.

Tip: Custom templates should not include headers and footers. When you insert a custom template, its header and footer will not be inserted in your document. They are ignored to prevent that they change existing headers and footers.

Adding a template

Follow the steps in the table below to add a custom template to the Custom tab of the Template Manager.



Select Template Manager from the Start Ribbon Group.

Result: The Template Manager dialog box appears showing the list of Standard document templates.


Access the Custom tab.


Click Add.

Result: The Open dialog box appears.


Select the file for the document you want to use to create the new template, and
click the Open button.

Result: The Template Name dialog box appears.





Type a short descriptive name for the template.

 Description (optional) 

Type a brief description that describes the purpose of the template. 


Click OK.

Result: The document is saved as a template and the name of the template is listed on the Custom tab of the Template Manager dialog box.


Click Close.

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