Inserting Information Type Maps


Inserting an Information Type Map from the Assisted Mode of FS Pro is very similar to inserting a new Map, except the Map is already assigned an Information Type attribute, thus saving you from having to assign the appropriate attribute manually.

Types of Information Type Maps

FS Pro contains six Information Type Maps:

  • Principle 
  • Process 
  • Procedure 
  • Concept 
  • Structure, and 
  • Fact.

When to use

Maps that are assigned the Information Type attribute can be used to more easily locate information within a content management system.

Example: You want to update your company's procedures, so you search for all the Maps containing the "Procedure" attribute.

Cursor placement

Use the table below to decide where to place your cursor based on where you want to insert the new Information Type Map.

If you want to insert the new Information Type Map ...Then place your cursor ...

 as the first Map in a new document 

at the top of the first page.

Note: Word places your cursor there by default.

above an existing Map

on the Map title of the existing Map. 

below an existing Map

inside or below the last Block of the existing Map.

between two Blocks

inside the Block above the Block that you want to move to the new Map.


From the applicable Information Type drop-down menu of the Information Mapping ribbon in the Assisted Mode of FS Pro, select Map.

Example: If you want to insert a Procedure Information Type Map, select Map from the Procedure drop-down menu.


The table below describes the results of inserting a new Information Type Map in a document.

When you insert the new Information Type Map ...Then the first Block is ...
  • as the first Map in a document, or 
  • above or below an existing Map


between two Blocks

the Block below where you placed your cursor, followed by any subsequent Blocks from the original Map.

Viewing the attribute in the Outline pane

Once a document is tagged with (an) Information Type(s) at the Map level, the corresponding symbol appears next to the Map title in the Outline pane.

Example: The example below shows the Outline pane for the Microsoft Word version of this document, which has been tagged with a Procedure Information Type at the Map level.

Procedure Map

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