Inserting an Overview Map


The Overview Map function inserts an Overview Map at the beginning of a

  • publication 
  • part 
  • chapter, or 
  • section.


You may customize an Overview Map, either

  • while you are using the Overview Map function, or 
  • after you have inserted the Overview Map into the document.

Cursor placement

Use the table below to decide where to place your cursor based on where you want to insert the new Overview Map.

If you want to insert the new Overview Map ...Then place your cursor ...

as the first Map in a new document 

at the top of the first page.

Note: Overview Maps are set up to be placed at the beginning of a document by default.

above an existing document 

on the Map title of the existing Map. 

below an existing document

inside or below the last Block on the existing Map.

between two blocks


inside the Block above the Block that you want to move to the new Map.


Follow the steps below to insert an Overview Map.



Place your cursor at the beginning of the document, part, chapter, or section. 


If you want to use the ...Then ...

Information Mapping ribbon group 

click Overview Map.

key combination  press [Alt]+N,O 


From the Select an Overview Map level from the list, select
  • Publication 
  • Part 
  • Chapter, or 
  • Section.


Do you want to customize the content of the Overview Map?

  • If yes, go to Step 5. 
  • If no, go to Step 6.


If you  ...Then ...
want to change the Map title  enter the new Map title in the First Map Title field.
do not want any Blocks in the Overview Map 

deselect the First Block check box.

Note: This box is selected by default.

want to change the first Block label enter the new Block label in the First Block Label field.
remove the Topic/See Page table

deselect the Topic/See Page Table check box.

Note: This box is selected by default.


Click OK.

Result: The Overview Map for the new publication, part, chapter, or section is inserted.

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