Saving Reusable Blocks


The Save as Reusable Block function saves blocks so they can be reused across multiple documents.

When to use

Use the Save as Reusable Block when you have Blocks that appear across multiple documents to keep

  • from having to retype the same information repeatedly, and 
  • the Blocks as consistent as possible, even when there are multiple authors.

Example: If all the documents you create must have a Purpose Block, then you can create a standard Purpose Block with the Block label prefilled with "Purpose" and the beginning of a standard stem sentence: "The purpose of this topic is to..." Whenever you need the Purpose Block, you simply insert it into the document where it belongs and complete the rest of the sentence.

Cursor placement

Place your cursor in the Block you want to save as reusable Block.


To save a reusable Block in either Expert or Assisted Mode

  • select Save as Reusable Block from the Block drop-down menu of the Information Mapping ribbon group 
  • enter the name you want to give to the reusable Block, and 
  • click OK.

Result: The title of the reusable block displays under the Custom Blocks submenu of the Block drop-down menu of the Information Mapping ribbon group.

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