Starting FS Pro in a new document


FS Pro 2013 can be accessed every time a user opens Microsoft Word from the FS Pro 2013 tab.

FS Pro

Types of modes

The table below describes the two different types of modes available with FS Pro 2013.




An interface that is very comparable to what experienced FS Pro users already know from previous versions of FS Pro, although, certain functions have been renamed to increase consistency, and many buttons are better accessible and positioned more logically.


An interface that starts from the Information Types, and lets novice users who have followed a classroom training or e-learning course think about the type of information they are writing, thus helping them to apply their acquired knowledge in the software.

It comes with a strict live validation, so the software really helps the writer to use Information Mapping correctly.


To attach FS Pro 2013 to a new Word document, select the appropriate mode, either Expert Mode or Assisted Mode, from the Attach FS Pro drop-down menu of the Start ribbon group.

Result: The applicable FS Pro 2013 ribbon displays with its corresponding icons and menu options.

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