Changing the Table Properties


The Table Manager function allows you change the properties of a previously saved customized table, including

  • whether or not the borders show 
  • making the table an oversized table 
  • the number of columns 
  • the number of rows 
  • the row height 
  • the predefined table headers (captions) 
  • the row width, and 
  • the alignment of the contents of the cell in the table.


Follow the steps in the table below to modify the properties of a previously saved customized table.



Select Table Manager from the Present ribbon group. 


Highlight the desired table from the list of User Defined tables on the Tables tab of the Table Manager dialog box.


As appropriate, change the table properties.


Do you want to permanently save your modifications of the table?

  • If yes 
    • click the Save button, and 
    • go to Step 5. 
  • If no, go to Step 5.


Do you want to insert the modified table into your document?

  • If yes, click the Insert button. 
  • If no, click the Close button.
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