Inserting Template Documents


Use the Template Manager to insert a standard or custom document template into a Word document to jump-start your writing.

Before you begin

Open a new FS Pro document in Word


Follow the steps below to use the Template Manager to insert a standard or custom template document in Word.




Select Template Manager from the Start Ribbon Group.

Result: The Template Manager dialog box appears showing the list of available document templates on the Standard tab.


Do you want to insert a custom template?
  • If yes 
    • access the Custom tab on the Template Manager dialog box, and 
    • go to Step 3. 
  • If no, go to Step 3.


Highlight the document that you want to insert.

Result: A document description and sample template appears to the right of the list.


Click Insert.

Result: The selected document template is inserted into your document.


Edit the Maps and Blocks as you would any document.


Save the document as you would any document.

Note: Editing and saving the document does not affect the document template.

Warning: When you insert a custom template, its header and footer will not be inserted in your document. They are ignored to prevent that they change existing headers and footers.
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