Adding Style Sheets


FS Pro 2013 contains a couple of standard style sheets that are used when publishing FS Pro Word documents to an HTML Web page or XML file to define the structure and look and feel of the output. Additional style sheets can be added as needed.

What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a file containing formatting commands that control the format, or look, of a Web page. FS Pro uses a style sheet to publish a Mapped document to a Web page.

Types of Style Sheets

The table below indicates when to use the different types of style sheets that are currently found in, and can be added to, FS Pro.

Type of Style Sheet

When to Use

Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

An XSL style sheet is used to publish an FS Pro Word document to a HTML Web page or XML file.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

A CSS style sheet is used in addition to an XSL style sheet when publishing an FS Pro Word document to an HTML Web page file to further define the look and feel of the Web page for output on a computer screen, tablet, or mobile device.

Tip: The standard style sheets in FS Pro generate responsive web pages, i.e. the web page automatically adapt to different screen sizes, repositioning certain elements for optimized legibility and accessibility. 

What is affected

An FS Pro style sheet does not affect the layout of the Word document it is attached to. It only affects the layout of the Web page that results from the publish action.

Before you begin

Before you begin, create and/or save the style sheet you want to add as a style sheet in FS Pro, whether it be an XSL or CSS style sheet.


Follow the steps in the table below to add an XSL, or CSS style sheet in FS Pro.




Select Publish from the Advanced ribbon group.

Result: The Publish dialog box appears.


Access the Style Sheet Manager tab.


Click Add.

Result: The Open dialog box appears.


  • Browse for the desired style sheet 
  • highlight the name of the style sheet, and 
  • click Open.


  • The name and category of the style sheet are added to the list under the Style Sheet Manager tab, and 
  • The name of the style sheet is added to the respective drop-down menus on the HTML5 and XML tabs of the Publish dialog box. (Reminder: The newly added XSL style sheet appears under the XSL Sheet drop-down menus on both the HTML5 and XML tabs, and the CSS appears under the Style sheet drop-down menu for screens on the HTML5 tab)


Do you want to save the style sheet to the Style Sheet Manager so it can be reused later?

  • If yes 
    • click Save, and 
    • go to Step 6. 
  • If no, go to step 6.


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