About Customized Tables


The Table Manager function allows you create, reuse, change the properties of, and delete customized tables.

Customization functions

The Tables tab on the Table Manager dialog box allows you to customize the properties of saved tables. The table below describes the Table tab customization functions.

Predefined Headers  Lists the names of the standard FS Pro tables with predefined headers, such as the Step/Action table, Stage/Description table, If/Then table, and so on. 
No Headers  List the names of the standard FS Pro tables the do not have predefined headers, such as the 2-, 3-, and 4-column table and the oversized table. 
User Defined Lists the names of saved custom tables.
Preview pane Shows you a preview of what the selected saved custom table looks like.

Properties Section

Show Borders checkbox Shows the table borders if checked.
Oversized checkbox Inserts the table as an oversized table if checked.
# Of Columns field Defines the default number of table columns for a custom table.
# Of Rows field Defines the default number of table rows for a custom table.
Row height field Defines the default point size for the row height of a custom table.

Columns Section

Caption field
  • Displays current table headers, if any. 
  • Allows you to 
    • edit column header(s), or 
    • add a header in a newly created column.
Width field Defines the column width percentages.
Alignment Defines the alignment of a table header.
Save button

Saves the changes made to the selected saved table.

Note: The Save button is deactivated until changes have been made to a User Defined table.

Delete button

Deletes a saved custom table.

Note: The Delete button is deactivated until a User Defined table is selected.

Save As button 

Displays the Table Name dialog box, which allows you to

  • name the table, and
  • create a description for the table.
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