Reinstalling FS Pro 2013

Why is this important? 

When you reinstall FS Pro 2013, you may get the error message The license file was tampered with. If this happens, your FS Pro license key will be invalid (for this system) and you will need to get a replacement key. To avoid that error and license replacement, you can move your license file to another location before uninstalling FS Pro, and put the file back after reinstalling. 

Installation per user

FS Pro 2013 is installed and activated on a per-user basis. Someone with local administrator rights must be logged in to complete the uninstallation and installation process.

Note: The end-user (of FS Pro 2013) must be logged in when activating the license, but in the procedure outlined here, license activation is being by-passed (as long as the user was already licensed prior to uninstalling).


Proceed as follows when reinstalling FS Pro:




Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\Data


Copy the file fspro.lic.


Paste it in another location (e.g. your Desktop)


Uninstall FS Pro 2013.


Reinstall FS Pro 2013.

Note: Do not do license activation, since you will overwrite the fspro.lic file in the next step.


Copy the file fspro.lic from your Desktop or the location where you pasted it. 


Paste fspro.lic in C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\Data, overwriting the existing (newly created during installation) file. 

Note: Make sure the properties of the replaced fspro.lic file have security settings that still give the "Users" group write access to the file, and that the file is not read-only.


Start FS Pro 2013.

Result: You can continue to work with your existing license and license key, and you will not get the error "The license file was tampered with". 

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