Numbering Titles and Labels


Title Numbering automatically numbers the Part, Chapter, Section, and Map (including Overview Map) titles and/or Block labels in a document.

When to use

Title numbering can be applied at any time during the document development process. Apply title numbering

  • at the beginning of the document development process 
  • during the document development process, or 
  • once the document has been completed.


Title numbering applies to the following titles and/or labels in a document:

  • Part Titles 
  • Chapter Titles 
  • Section Titles 
  • Map Titles, and 
  • Block Labels.

Note: You will only be given the option to number Part, Chapter, and Section titles in the Title Numbering dialog box when they are present in your document.


The numbering style in FS Pro, regardless of whether it is a title or label, is Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 ...). It cannot be customized.


Follow the steps in the table below to number the titles and/or labels in your document.



Select Title Numbering from the Formatting ribbon group.

Result: The Title Numbering dialog box appears.


Highlight appropriate title level(s) from the Apply Title Numbering to list.

Note: You can select one or more options.


Click OK.

Result: The titles and/or labels you selected are numbered.

Adding, Deleting, or Moving Content in Numbered Documents

You will have to re-apply title numbering when you add, delete, and/or move the content in your document.

Example: If you decide to add a block between already numbered blocks 2 and 3 in a topic, you need to re-apply the title numbering so the newly added block will become block 3 and the previously numbered 3 block becomes block number 4.

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