About the FS Pro Style Manager


The Style Manager lets you create and save an unlimited number of custom style sets with text styles that have unique formatting properties.

Once a style set is saved in the Style Manager, you can select the style set in FS Pro to update existing documents or create new documents with the new style properties.

What is a style?

A style is a set of formatting properties applied to text, tables, lists, and other elements in a document created with FS Pro.

Example: Map Title is an example of an FS Pro style. Its default formatting properties are Arial font, 16 points, bold, and left aligned.

What is a style set?

A style set is a collection of styles that can be saved and reused. The FS Pro Style Manager provides a default style set, and allows you to create unlimited numbers of custom style sets.

Example: The Marketing Department requests that their Mapped documents use a different font and blue titles and labels. The Training Department uses the default styles. You can create a Marketing style set that incorporates the required fonts and colors to use when creating marketing documents.

Accessing the FS Pro Style Manager

To access the FS Pro Style Manager, select Style Manager from the Advanced ribbon group.

Result: The Style Manager dialog box appears.

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