Exporting Custom Settings


The Share Setting function lets you export all custom settings to a zip file, including

  • application settings 
  • custom tables 
  • custom style sets 
  • custom templates 
  • custom style sheets 
  • reusable Maps, and 
  • reusable Blocks.

When to use

Export your custom settings to

  • back up these settings 
  • transfer these settings to another computer (for example, if you need to share the custom settings with (a) fellow coworker(s) or transfer the custom settings to a new computer), and/or 
  • save these settings to be used with a newer/upgraded version of FS Pro.


Follow the steps in the table below to export custom settings.




Select Share Settings from the Advanced ribbon group.

Result: The Share Settings dialog box appears with a tab for Exporting Settings and another for Importing Settings.


From the Export Settings tab, highlight the setting(s) you wish to share from the Export the following items: section.

Note: You can highlight just one of the settings, any number and combination of settings, or all of the settings when sharing your settings with others.


Select the Browse button next to the Choose a destination for your zip file settings.

Result: The Save As screen displays.


Locate the destination in which you want to put your zipped file.

Note: If you need to create a new folder in which to save the zip file

  • click the Make New Folder button 
  • type the name of the folder, and 
  • click the Open button.


  • Enter a name for the file in the File field, and 
  • click Save.

Result: The Save As screen closes and you are returned to the Share Settings dialog box.


Click OK.

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