Continuing Documents


The Continue functions allow you to continue Maps, Blocks, or tables onto multiple pages.

Cursor placement

Use one of the options below to place your cursor before continuing a single page in a document.

Note: When continuing all pages in a document, the cursor can be placed anywhere in the document.

If you want to continue a ...

Then place your cursor ...


below the last Block on the page.



  • in the paragraph in which you want to continue onto the next page, or 
  • after the third bulleted item in a bulleted list.


in the row that you want to continue.

Note: You cannot continue a table (even embedded tables) before the third row.


Follow the steps in the table below to continue a Map, Table or Block.

If you want to ...

Then ...

continue a single page using the Advanced ribbon group

select Continue Page from the Continue drop-down menu.

continue a single page using a shortcut key combination

Press the key combination [Alt]+C,P
continue all pages in a document using the Advanced ribbon group

Select Continue All Pages from the Continue drop-down menu.


The Continue functions insert

  • a continued line 
  • Continued on next page under the continued line 
  • a page break, and 
  • on the next page 
    • Map Title, Continued 
    • a Block line below the Map Title 
    • the Block label if you are continuing a Block or table, and 
    • Block text or table rows from the point where you placed your cursor.
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