Saving a Mapped Document as an XML File


The Save as XML function converts a Mapped Word document to an XML file, which you can then display in a Web browser.


Follow the steps below to save a Mapped document as an XML file.




Save your Word document.


Select Publish from the Advanced FS Pro ribbon group.

Result: The Publish dialog box appears.


Access the XML tab of the Publish dialog box.


Do you want to rename the XML file and/or save the file in a different location than the one displayed?

  • If yes 
    • enter the new file name in the Project name field and/or click Browse to select a different location on your system, and 
    • go to Step 5. 
  • If no, go to Step 5.


Do you want to attach an XSL style sheet to the document?

  • If yes 
    • select the appropriate XSL style sheet from the Default XSL Style sheet drop-down menu, and 
    • go to Step 6. 
  • If no, go to Step 6.


Do you want to publish every Map in your document into its own separate .xml file?

  • If yes 
    • check the Publish every Map as a separate .xml file box, and 
    • go to Step 7. 
  • If no, go to Step 8.


Do you want the separate .xml files to be placed in a Zip file?

  • If yes 
    • check the Zip files box, and 
    • go to Step 8. 
  • If no, go to Step 8.


Click Publish.

Result: The Web page is saved and the Success dialog box is displayed.


The FS Pro Save as XML function preserves any hyperlinks created in Word.

Reference: For information on creating hyperlinks, see Word Help.

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