Customizing bulleted and numbered lists


This article explains the impact of certain properties for bulleted lists and numbered lists in the FS Pro 2013 Style Manager.

Indent, Hanging, and Tab Space After

The picture below shows the difference between Indent, Hanging en Tab Space After. 

A: is the left Indent

B: is the Tab Space After property

C: is the Hanging property. This is only applied starting on the second line of the bulleted text

Warning: If Tab Space After is larger than Hanging, then you will see no effect. The property of Hanging will be used for both. This is how Microsoft Word works and has nothing to do with FS Pro. 

Number Type

Regarding Number Type, it is good to know that numbers are left aligned, but roman numerals are right aligned. So you will get

1.   item
2.   item
3.   item
10. item 

And for Roman numerals you will get

  I. item
 II. item
III. item
IV. item

Number Format

In the number format field, you can define if the number should be followed by a dot, a bracket, a dash, etc.

The syntax to use is %1 to reflect the numbering, followed by the sign you prefer.

For example

%1. results in 


%1) results in 


-%1- results in 


Tip: For the style Numbered List 1, you must always use %1, for Numbered List 2 you must use %2, and for Numbered List 3 you must use %3.

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