Error: The maximum allowable number of license usages has been reached.


When you start FS Pro 2013, you get the following error:

The maximum allowable number of license usages for the module FS Pro 2013 has been reached. The following options are available:

1. You can deactivate a license which is no longer needed.

- Click on the icon?

- Select the Option: Show License Information

Search for the module FS Pro 2013. Click on the + sign and select the name you want to deactivate. Using the button Deactivate, you can deactivate the license.

2. You can buy additional licenses. 

Possible causes

  • The license key has been activated on the maximum number of users/systems as defined for that key. You must deactivate one or more activations from the key before you can activate again.
  • The hostname of the computer has changed, or
  • The software was started remotely from another machine.


Proceed as follows to resolve this issue:




In the error window, click on the icon ? (in the lower-left corner).


In the dropdown menu choose Show License Information.

Result: The License Viewer opens.


In the License viewer click on the + sign next to Modules (if needed) and then the + sign next to "FS Pro 2013...". 


Select the login name you want to deactivate and click on the Deactivate button in the bottom left of the License Viewer window.

Result: The old host name or remote machine name is deactivated.


Close all windows and Word and restart FS Pro 2013.


Proceed with the normal FS Pro activation.
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