3. Create larger documents by inserting Overview Maps (Sections, Chapters, ...)


Larger documents should have Overview Maps to guide the reader through the document at regular moments.

What is an Overview Map?

An Overview Map is a specialized Map that is added to your document to provide context and prepare the reader for the content that follows.

By inserting an Overview Map, you add a layer to provide the reader an overview of the levels below. 

An Overview Map:

  • is used for introducing a new large topic in the document
  • consists of a Topic/See Page table

How to create a Section

This table shows how to insert a Section:




Place your cursor in the Map title above which you want to create a Section

Note: If you want to create a Section underneath a Map, place your cursor underneath the block line of the last block


Go to the Section dropdown in the Headings group and choose either

  • Section title, or
  • Section title with Overview Map.

You can change the Title of the first Map, the first Block and/or hide the Topic/See Page table


The Section will be inserted in your document.


Topic/See Page tables in Overview Maps

Follow the steps below in order to update the Topic/See Page table automatically:




Put your cursor in the Topic/See Page table


  • Go to 'Table of Contents' dropdown
  • Select 'Update Topic/See Page table'



Result: This window appears



Select the type of Titles you want to appear in the Topic/See Page table

FS Pro Document structure

In FS Pro for Word

  • Blocks are grouped in Maps
  • Maps are grouped in Sections
  • Sections are grouped in Chapters
  • Chapters are grouped in Parts, and
  • Parts are grouped in a Publication.

Document hierarchy

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