About the Publish Functions


When you write a well-structured document with FS Pro 2020, you can easily publish it.

FS Pro 2020 has a build-in publish option that gives you the possibility to:

  • publish your document
    • within 3 seconds
    • in different formats and style sheets
    • to your desktop or the cloud, putting your content online, and
    • as HTML or XML
  • modify the layout of your documents published to the cloud, and
  • protect your published document by using passwords.


Publish on different devices

When you publish a document online, the web page that you just created will adapt automatically to the screen size of the device that’s showing it. This is because the document was published with a responsive HTML output. It will allow the readers to access content wherever they are, independent of the device they are using.

Publish as website or presentation

Different content requires a different style. That’s why you, as a creator, have the possibility to choose the style of your online publication. You can choose if you want your document to be published as a website or as a presentation. Set the colors and stylesheets for your customized online publication on the cloud, made with FS Pro 2020.

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