Inserting a Block Line


The Block Line function inserts a Block line on a page.

When to use

FS Pro 2020 automatically inserts a Block line underneath each Map title and every Block. Use the Block Line function if you accidentally delete a Block line and want to re-insert it.

Accidental deletion of a Block line

Accidentally deleting a Block line usually

  • deletes the space between two Blocks, and
  • connects the Block gridlines.

Before inserting a Block line between two Blocks, you must separate the Block cells.

Separating Block cells

To separate Block cells.

  • place your cursor in the bottom Block of the two connected Blocks
  • click the Layout tab, and
  • click the Split Table icon.

Result: A space with the cursor in it is inserted between the two Blocks.


Use the table below to insert a Block line using either the Information Mapping ribbon group or key combination.

  Information Mapping Ribbon Group Key Combination
  Select New Block Line from the Block drop-down menu. Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+L.


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