Setting the Table Header Color using the Style Manager


You can change the color of Table Header using the FS Pro Style Manager.


Follow the steps in the table below to change or set a color into the Table Header using the FS Pro Style Manager.




FS Pro 2020 ribbon-> Formatting section
Click on the Style Manager button.

Result: The Style Manager will open.


Select the Style you want to change, making a click at the button with a down arrow (like the following image)
and select Edit Style Set option.Result: The Style Set Detail windows will show.


For changing your Header color you will have to go to Table Style.


Change from Automatic to Selected, and then chose the color that you want your Headers to be.


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    steven Lewerenz

    When I get to step 4, it will not allow me to check "Selected" so I am unable to change the colors.
    Also, I would like to change the default font from Calibri to Ariel but all those options are unavailable as well.

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    Mike De Bruyn

    Hi Steven
    if you try to edit the FS Pro default style set, you won't see any options that can be changed.

    Create a new style set, then you will be able to change the settings you want!