FS Pro Cloud requirements

What do you need to access the FS Pro Cloud?

All you need is your IM Account and an internet browser with access to our web domain.

Depending on IT policy, some companies will require:

  • A proxy server to be configured to allow your internet browser to access the internet.
  • A whitelisting in the firewall for the domain fspro-console.informationmapping.com
    We only use HTTPS communication over port 443

You can access the cloud by navigating to https://fspro-console.informationmapping.com/

Compatible browsers

  • Internet Explorer: 11+
  • Opera: 15+
  • Microsoft edge : from version 46.1.10 to version 88.0.705.81
  • Mozilla Firefox : from version 52.9 - to version 86.0
  • Safari: from version 4 - to version 14
  • Google Chrome from version 44.0.2403 - to version 88.0.4324

Other browser or versions might also work, but are not verified by Information mapping

Recommended resolution

You can view the content from any screen resolution, for the best experience we recommend a minimum resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels.

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