Will the Reusable Unit I saved in my ribbon also be changed when the Unit has been modified?



Saving in the FS Pro ribbon, means saving locally. In this perspective, the FS Pro ribbon is a 'personal' editing tool.


When the Reusable Unit needs to be updated, you will need to

  1. retrieve the Reusable Unit from your ribbon
  2. modify the content
  3. re-save the Unit in your ribbon

Our Recommendation

If the Reusable Unit needs to be available for your colleagues, other departments, etc. or the content will be regularly updated, we recommend that someone saves the Reusable Unit on a common place.

You can save the Reusable Unit on any Content Management System or Document Management System your organization uses.

This way,

  • updating the Reusable Unit only needs to be done in 1 place, and
  • everyone will use the latest version of the Reusable Unit.


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