Will the Reusable Unit I saved in my ribbon also be changed when the content has been modified?



Saving in the FS Pro ribbon, means saving locally. In this perspective, the FS Pro ribbon is a 'personal' editing tool.

Solution 1

If the Reusable Unit needs to be available for your colleagues, other departments, etc. or the content will be regularly updated, we recommend that someone saves the Reusable Unit on a common place.

You can do so via Browse or the MS SharePoint connector (if you have the FS Pro Business license):


This way,

  • updating the Reusable Unit only needs to be done in 1 place, and
  • everyone will use the latest version of the Reusable Unit.

Solution 2

When the Reusable Unit needs to be updated, you will need to

  1. retrieve the Reusable Unit from your ribbon
  2. modify the content
  3. re-save the Unit in your ribbon
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