Release Notes for FS Pro for Outlook Version

1.0.1 build 009 (March 02, 2022)


What's new in FS Pro for Outlook

New Features

  • You can use a proxy server to log in (available since build 006)
  • FS Pro for Outlook is now equipped with the FS Pro Outlook Assistant to help you re-enable the plugin if it were to be removed by Outlook
  • Added a "Settings" drop-down menu, including the following options:
    • "Log Out"
    • Open the FS Pro Console
    • Change the network settings
    • Help
    • About
  • You can now generate a technical report to add to your support ticket.


  • The loading speed of FS Pro for Outlook has been improved.
  • The confusing wording/popup "The license has Expired" when your login session has expired, is now changed to: "Your license session has expired, please log in again if you have a valid license."
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