How do I use the uninstall script for FS Pro for Word?

Uninstall Script Download Link

For a comprehensive removal of FS Pro for Word from your system, utilize our dedicated uninstall script. You can fetch it from the link below:

Uninstall Script for FS Pro for Word

What does the script contain and how does it work?

This Zip archive encompasses two crucial files:

  1. .bat file: Initiates the PowerShell script with administrative privileges.
  2. .ps1 file (PowerShell script): This script performs the following tasks in sequence:
    • Executes a standard Windows uninstallation.
    • Probes for residual Information Mapping registry entries. If detected, they're eradicated.
    • Scours any traces under Microsoft Word pertaining to FS Pro and expunges them.
    • Renames the local AppData folder, guaranteeing the inception of a fresh folder upon launching FS Pro anew. Simultaneously, a backup gets generated so users can revert any personal settings if necessary.

Transparency & Safety

Crafted as both .bat and .ps1 files, you can effortlessly preview the script by opening it with Notepad. This is for those who wish to peruse the code before execution, ensuring nothing unscrupulous is at play. Moreover, there's no need to rely on third-party tools.

Backup Location

Post script execution, your original settings get stored at:

C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Information Mapping\FS Pro 6 BackupDATE

To restore your personal settings, simply rename the folder "FS Pro 6 BackupDATE" to "FS Pro 6."

However, if you wanted to uninstall FS Pro for Word because you experienced problems, please test FS Pro for Word before doing so. Your personal settings may be the cause.

Important Tips:

  • Before employing the uninstall script, we recommend backing up any important data.
  • Always ensure that any other applications, especially Word, are closed before running the script to avoid any conflicts.

Need to Reinstall FS Pro for Word?

If you wish to reinstall FS Pro for Word post-uninstallation, kindly refer to the dedicated download links mentioned in the "Where do I download FS Pro for Word?" section.

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